"A Big Confidence-Builder for Me"

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By far my favorite part of coaching is when my clients get real results. The following testimonial is from an IT exec who was losing his confidence due to age discrimination and a bad work culture. He has a great turnaround story.

“My career was stagnating.  Despite being highly skilled and having a good history of success, I was faced with fewer and fewer options and a management culture that didn’t appreciate my experience or talent. 

“To make matters worse, the perception that I might be too old (ageism) was really hurting my confidence.  That put me at the mercy of the standard job hunting system.  I found myself reacting to each job opening, changing myself to try to fit the very narrow  job descriptions.  It didn’t work, and it actually eroded my energy and confidence even further.  

“I knew I needed a different method, and that’s when a friend introduced me to Coach Pete.  He took me through a completely different approach that was counter-intuitive.  Pete listened without judging me, but he didn’t sugar-coat the truth either.  He told me what I needed to hear and patiently walked me through the process.

“Along the way, I gained some valuable insights.  For instance, not only was I good at my craft, but that I still am good at it.  My age and experience are a huge plus when positioned properly.  And some challenges weren’t my fault - my entire industry is at a “low tide,” and that affects us all.  So that helped me to level-set on my expectations.   

“But the biggest insight was getting clarity on my own values.  Through coaching I was able to see the fact that trust and respect are very important to me.  So I needed to find a work culture that valued those qualities as well. 

“I’m happy to say that I’m now in a new role that’s a great fit for me.  Beyond salary requirements, I’m getting the important things that I need to feel fulfilled.  Without coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to identify those.

“Working through this process was a big confidence-builder for me, and I’ve been recommending Coach Pete to all my friends who are looking for a change.”

  • Jim Longo, IT Executive

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