Hiring Pete is one of the all-time best investments we have made for our lives together and individually.

“My career was stagnating.  Despite being highly skilled and having a good history of success, I was faced with fewer and fewer options and a management culture that didn’t appreciate my experience or talent.  To make matters worse, the perception that I might be too old (ageism) was really hurting my confidence. 

Coach Pete took me through a completely different approach that was counter-intuitive.  He listened without judging me, but he didn’t sugar-coat the truth either.  He told me what I needed to hear and patiently walked me through the process.

I’m happy to say that I’m now in a new role that’s a great fit for me.  Beyond salary requirements, I’m getting the important things that I need to feel fulfilled.  But without coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to identify those.

Working through this process was a big confidence-builder for me, and I’ve been recommending coaching to all my fiends who are looking for a change.”

- Jim Longo, IT Executive

“Pete is a passionate and insightful teacher, life coach and mentor. Having participated in a destiny discovery small group I enthusiastically recommend both the course content and Pete as a gifted facilitator. He has helped me to develop greater clarity and confidence in leveraging my personal strengths and abilities in all aspects of my life. Knowing how to strike a near perfect balance between the proverbial “pat on the back” and “swift kick in the pants” makes a one on one coaching session with Pete priceless. Just do it!”

              - Herb Schiller CEO Foremost Mfg. Co

[Re: Strategic Planning] “Pete has an innate gift for reading a room. He can tell when energy is high, and facilitate in ways that lead to “big rock” breakthroughs for the group. And when tensions were high he was able to diffuse the situation in ways that became learning opportunities for the group.

Having this third party perspective grounded the group, and helped us move through the key decisions we needed to make.

Pete’s energy was well- received, and his relationship with our leadership team will be continual. I can’t wait to use his services again for our next planning session in six months.”

- Amanda Witters, CEO, HHGM

"I’ve been working with Coach Pete for the past year to develop my emotional intelligence skills.

My manager has been impressed with my progress, noting the increased trust level with my colleagues and work teams.  I’ve also received positive feedback from my peers on my improved listening skills and overall working relationship with them.

These efforts are impacting the bottom line.  Recently, I was congratulated on how I’ve been able to grow my line of business even though the overall market is declining."

            - Mazi Younessian, Marketing Director, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

“For the first time I feel like I’m running a business instead of just chasing activities.  I’ve actually found more free time than I ever thought I had.”

- K. Martinez, Small business Owner

“Pete has coached me through two professional transitions.  I can say without a doubt that Pete’s coaching and guidance catapulted me in to a much deeper understanding and appreciation of my unique passions, gifts and skills.  Perhaps more importantly, Pete helped me not only develop and apply this understanding, but to break through several fears that could have kept me from reaching my potential and negatively impacted both transitions. 

I’ve recommended him to family, friends and business associates alike.  As one friend thanked me recently he pointed out that “Pete is the real deal”.  This is indeed the case, and I highly recommend him to you as well.  Coaching with Pete will go down as one of the best decisions you’ll make for your career.”   

               - Carl Marrelli, Dir., Product Management

Recently I was at a major crossroads in my career, so I engaged an executive coach who was absolutely outstanding.  Pete's ability to help me focus and get me through these major milestones was extremely valuable to my growth.  

               - Rob Field, Director of Global Information Technology, Head of IT

"I got my life back!"

               - VP of Sales, specialty pharmaceutical distributor

“When working with Pete, there’s always an “a-ha” moment, a revelation, a nugget of wisdom that applies to whatever it is I am facing at that time.

The coaching did not attempt to change who I am, rather I’ve learned to lean into my uniqueness and navigate my talents to deal with every day life. It was really amazing to see the results in my work environment.

I definitely see a difference between by pre-coaching and post-coaching persona. I’m very glad I reached out to Pete at the time I did.”

- Olive Osuoji, Resident Physician

“Pete helped me take control over my job search which allowed me to land with a company that I'm proud to work for and love!

I love his no-nonsense approach that cuts to the heart of the matter. He does it by not preaching, but by asking thought provoking questions that lead you to your A-HA! moment and then helps you build a workable plan that moves you towards your goal.

- Pamela Dietz, Director of Customer Experience, Trader Interactive

“Partnering with Pete over the past year has allowed me to work out exactly what I needed to do to achieve my goals. Knowing you have someone supporting, challenging, checking in and cheering you on has changed everything for me.

He helped me break down goals into manageable chunks. Previously I would have just put everything on the back-burner and retreated to my comfort zone - but Pete kept dragging me forward every week.

More importantly for me, I have been able to view situations in a different light. I am slowly beginning to see that I have unique skills and gifts that I can offer the marketplace. Without Pete, my dream of publishing a book would still have been dormant on my PC; instead it is now available for all the world to buy and read on Amazon! If you are really serious about making progress and fulfilling your potential I highly recommend working with Pete.” 

- Adam Norse, Motivational speaker and soccer coach

I started working with Pete when I found myself confused, disheartened, and lacking confidence. I knew I had something to offer, but I had no idea how to communicate it with others. In just six sessions, I achieved ALL of the goals I set for myself. I got clear on my value and how to message it, reclaimed my confidence and created a sound, achievable plan for moving forward. I don't even recognize who I was three months ago from who I am now. Thanks, Pete!!

- Sofia Adler, Mindset + Leadership Coach

"We recently worked with Coach Pete to help us get clarity for our next stage of life.  Hiring Pete is one of the all-time best investments we made for our lives.  We got more out of this short time of coaching with him than from hours and hours of counseling in the past.

We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate and value Pete's coaching and highly recommend him!”

              - Bob and Mavis Green, Family + Pastoral Care leaders, Liberty Church

"I have known Pete for several years, and have recently discovered his passion for coaching. Pete has a talent for this line of work because of the questions he asks and his ability to find the meaning within the answer. There is no pandering or time-wasting... this is the real deal! Pete doesn't give you answers he helps you discover them within yourself!

I am so impressed and thankful for how Pete was able to get me focused and driving toward results with enthusiasm!"

             - Heather Pixton, Technical Sales Leader

“I had the privilege of being partnered with Pete as my mentor several months ago. He helped me see things through a different lens and as a result, I am witnessing real changes professionally and personally in my life.  Pete has the wisdom and charisma of an unforgettable leader and partner.”

             - Linda Cohune, Strategic Account Manager

“Pete is an excellent diagnostician and motivator towards career development. He has provided both a process and individualized counsel to make me more effective in driving my brand and repositioning myself. His holistic approach of using both group and individualized sessions proved very helpful to me. I heartily recommend his coaching to anyone looking for a career/ life gap up.”

- Arnim Holzer, Managing Director, ASH Strategy, LLC

“Pete is discerning, works intuitively, and has great perspective. I gained so much from working with him and will be coming back for more. He really cuts through to the core of the matter at hand and leads you to achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.”

             - Maxwell Porterfield, Singer/Actor

“Pete Cafarchio gets my highest recommendation as a personal coach and consultant.  Pete was a crucial piece in my personal and professional development throughout a time of critical change in my life.  Pete’s mentoring was transformational in that he listened to me and helped me to identify challenges to meeting my goals.  Through his continual encouragement and tactful confrontation, Pete continually pushed me to become the best version of myself.  Aside from his astounding expertise and logic-based mentoring, Pete never ceased to amaze me with his ability to seamlessly facilitate personal, professional, and spiritual needs.  I know I would not be where I am today if it weren't for his guidance, persistence, and support.”

               - Charles Bell, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

“I am incredibly blessed to have Pete Cafarchio for a coach.  Pete has helped me enormously in my new business, which is giving seminars on Healing and Growth (www.inward-bound-adventures.net).  He comes up with creative new ideas and paths for me to take, yet he introduces new suggestions at a pace which I can handle.  He is sensitive, really bright, inspiring, and supportive. He can confront with gentleness and has good sense of timing.  Pete loves the Lord, and I love his prayers for me.  If you need a great coach…call Pete!”

                - Susan M. Austin, MD

”Pete knows how to help people. Plain and simple.  We engaged Pete to assist our son with some transitions that he was going through.  Within a very short period of time Pete was able to guide him down a few paths that proved to be extremely beneficial. 

If you are looking for someone who cares, who knows, and who can “figure it out” with you, we would recommend Pete.”

               - Awesome dad

“We found Pete’s coaching and encouragement to be extremely valuable as we moved into a new level for The Caring Network, VS.   He helped us clarify our mission statement, organize communication around our strengths, develop a strategy for getting the word out regarding our goals, and reach those goals.  

Pete’s practical approach and belief in us as well as the homework and expectation that we would do it kept us accountable to our own goals and timeframes.  

We recommend Pete without reservation.”

              - Joanne and Lloyd Turner, Founders, The Caring Network, Volunteer Services

“In the years that I've known Pete, he has been instrumental in helping me to develop as a person, and has given me the tools I needed to interact relationally.  I remember attending a breakfast group which Pete facilitated.  He was always sensitive to possibly set aside the morning’s agenda in order to address the needs of a particular member of the group.

I can honestly say that I owe a great deal of my present level of maturity, my understanding of integrity, and my ability to move forward in times of adversity to Pete’s involvement in my life. His keen insight and selfless attitude has contributed to a new and heightened respect, for the value of mentoring.”

- Todd Hinton, Quality and Safety Professional


Praise for "How To Make The Friends You've Always Wanted"

“If you have just graduated college or going through a life transition then you have come to the right place. This e-book really hit home for me as I was specifically searching for some practical ways to make new friends. It wasn't until I read this ebook that I realized I was not alone. I was so encouraged by the guidance given, that it's not so hard to just introduce myself anymore.  I encourage others to read this ebook if you want some authentic, practical and useful advice on how to deal with transition and make new friends.”

                - Amber A

“This book really changed my perspective. I went from thinking that I had no close friends to realizing that I had thirty potential friendships that just needed some cultivation”

- Paiter V.