Pete’s ability to help me focus and get me through my major milestones was extremely valuable to my growth.
— CIO, Manufacturing firm

results You can expect

  • Accelerate your goal timelines in ways you didn't think possible

  • Transition to the career role you deserve

  • Find deeper satisfaction in your current roles

  • Align your team for maximum performance

  • Transform your coworker relationships from stressful to enjoyable

client results

Older IT Exec gets his confidence back, and finds a great job in the process

  • Before: Despite being highly skilled and having a great track record, a IT leader was being pushed aside due to ageism and not articulating the unique value that he brings

  • After: Working through a career transition process, he uncovered his personal values and designed the dream role he wanted. Using a more effective networking approach, he landed a great job where he’s making a difference and that’s bringing him deep satisfaction.

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Big pharma Senior Manager improves his EQ and likability

  • Before: Although strategically brilliant, his low emotional intelligence and brusk style alienated his coworkers and stifled his growth

  • After: Working with his CliftonStrengths® talent profile, we designed exercises to shore up his relational skills and soften the blind spots inherent with his strengths. He now has greater levels of trust with coworkers, execs, and navigates conflicts better. As a result, he’s growing his product’s market share even though the overall market is shrinking.

Financial Planner learns to lead team and innovate

  • Before: Underperforming employees and a disengaged family member produced average results. Parent company was prohibiting innovation and making future business untenable.

  • After: Armed with new insights from the DISC assessment and role playing with coach, his family member re-engaged, he expected more from his team and they delivered. When the parent company crossed the line, his newfound confidence helped him pioneer a new company to change the game.

IT leader massively accelerates career goals

  • Before: Frustrated leader wanted to get out of a dead-end IT job in 6 months, and had been suppressing his vision for what a CIO should really be.

  • After: Landed new leadership role in 3 weeks, clearly articulated his CIO vision, and now a global software CEO wants to adopt it.

Millennial high-tech rock star found his niche

  • Before: Brilliant guy but spread too thin, couldn't articulate his talent

  • After: Focused on fewer projects and got better results, discovered his superpower as "thought leader," landed a high-paying job with influence.

Pre-retirement leadership couple make plans for the life they want

  • Before: Years of selflessly giving to their family and church caused them to lose touch with their own desires

  • After: Clarified their needs and desires, owned their own destiny, made practical plans for next steps, new doors of opportunity opened much faster than expected. He's feeling more alive than ever before. She's feeling empowered.

Psychotherapist ramps up private practice

  • Before: discouraged, too many non-paying clients, couldn't articulate value

  • After: Defined ideal client and said “no” to others, charged 5x the previous rate resulting in more clients, packaged services into modules, clients get even better results.