You Really ARE God's Gift to the World

"You think you're God's gift to the world!" was a phrase we'd use growing up.  The intent was to put someone in their place if we thought they were being arrogant or prideful. 

But hold on for a minute...

If you think about it, God made each one of us, selected a point in time and a location for us to be born, and gave us an incredibly unique set of skills, talents, tastes, and abilities. 

And His intent was for us to use those abilities to make our world a better place.  We'll do that in different ways, but most of us are trying our best.

The question isn't how much of an impact are you making.  Instead, are you making the kind of impact you were designed to make? 

The world - your world - needs you to keep showing up and trying in your own way to make it a better place.  

God knew we needed you in our world.  You're His gift to us.  But if you keep hiding in false humility we'll never get the benefit.

So rise up and be all you were meant to be.  Because you really are God's gift to the world.

Have a great Summer!