Caring for your Lamborghini

If you owned a Lamborghini, how well would you take care of it?

Lately, I’m pretty shocked at how rapidly the core morals of our society are being eroded and even legislated against. New social engineers are telling us that any restraints placed on our sexual behavior, gender identity, and value on human life are outdated, stifling, and are only there to keep us from experiencing true enjoyment.

But what if we’re looking at it the wrong way?  What if God’s commandments are really given to us because of His love for us?

I like to look at it this way.  Think of God as the manufacturer who made us – and we’re an incredibly complex machine capable of incredible feats.  He made a handbook to tell us how to operate and maintain our machine – the Manufacturer’s Manual.  That manual is the record of His commandments for us.

If we follow the suggested maintenance and usage guidelines, the machine operates at its optimum - the way is was designed to be.  If we ignore the instructions, the machine doesn’t run well, and may even suffer irreparable damage.

Can you imagine someone with an expensive Lamborghini saying, “I don’t care what the manufacturer says, I’m going to use this car any way I want to.  No one is going to tell me what to do!”  And then he never changes the oil, revs the engine too high in the wrong gears, puts the wrong sized tires on it, and tries to drive it off-road like a Jeep?  That would be crazy and it will ruin the car in very short order.

But I think that’s the way we act when we ignore our Manufacturer’s instructions.   God gives us His commands out of love.  He knows how He made us, what’s best for us, and what will hurt us.  He gives us behavioral boundaries for our lives because he knows that violating them will cause heartache, physical and psychological damage.  He loves us and wants the best for us.  

So next time you’re faced with radical statements telling you to embrace what God has clearly prohibited, just remember – He’s not trying to make you miserable.  He’s trying to protect you and help you function according to the design and purposes for which you are made.  And that is what brings true fulfillment.