DISC –Team Package

Have you taken DISC, but now the report just sits in your desk drawer?    Let's leverage it to really make it work for your team.

The DISC assessment is a powerful, proven tool to help improve your team’s performance and your bottom line.  


Through the DISC coaching package, managers and employees will:

  • Better understand their own personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn strategies to connect more effectively with co-workers
  • Improve client and partner relationships
  • Understand how to build stronger teams
  • Improve workplace morale, productivity and bottom line results

What’s included in the package?

  • A thirty-minute discovery call with the team leader
  • Individual DISC online assessments for each employee
  • A customized, twenty-page Profile Report for each employee
  • One Management Report with leadership strategies for the team leader
  • An initial sixty-minute team meeting (conducted remotely) to review group results and set individual goals
  • A fifteen-minute "next steps" coaching call with the team leader immediately following the team meeting
  • A sixty-minute recap team meeting one month later to report on individual goals
    • This ensures that concepts are reinforced, and that the results don't just "sit in a drawer."

Package pricing:

   Up to 5 employees       $969
   Up to 10 employees   $1,414
   Up to 15 employees   $1,859
   Up to 20 employees   $2,304
   Up to 25 employees   $2,749
   25+ employees           Contact us


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