What’s up with Pete & Lynn Cafarchio?

April 5, 2018


Dear friends and family,

It's been a while since we connected with some of you, and we wanted to share some exciting changes.


Our big change was in the Summer of 2016 when we pulled up roots and moved to New York City.  We had a growing passion to get involved with the welfare of New York.  So being empty-nesters we downsized 2/3 of our “stuff,” moved into an apartment, and made the plunge into city living.  

We quickly found a home at Liberty Church on the Upper West Side where we head up the Community Groups and enjoy investing in the lives of so many young people.


Allegra, was married in May 2017.  She does marketing for non-profit causes, and lives with her husband, Zach, in Brooklyn.  Regina, lives Manhattan and works in commercial real estate.  It's great to have them both living close by.

wedding 5 closeup.png

We’re thankful that all four of our parents are doing well and appreciate each visit we have with them.


Lynn continues her role as a tour guide at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters.  She loves conducting research and making ancient history come alive for school groups.  Plus, it’s the Met!

Pete recently made his third major career shift to become an Destiny Coach.  He loves helping people embrace their calling so they’re living fully alive.  And he also facilitates group coaching cohorts - a safe place for leaders to let their guard down and learn together.

Connect with us

The next time you’re in NYC look us up.  We’d love to catch up with you and show you around town.

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Thanks, and God bless,

Pete & Lynn Cafarchio