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Show Description

Winding throughout our lives is a trail of breadcrumbs. The clues are all around us, all the time, of God leading and leaving marks along the path for those who would see them. Your natural talents, the desires in your heart, and you gifts and talents are part of your design. Coach Pete has the tools and methods to identify those patterns so you can discover your purpose. 

How can you leverage your specific talents instead of trying to be someone else? What can you do right now? Which parts of yourself are you hiding? Where are you taking the fearful way out? Where is ‘imposter syndrome’ coming in? How are you going to get through that? Are you hiding behind a deliberate lack of clarity about your goals? 

Within moments of meeting another person, Coach Pete often senses their gifting, their calling, and their unique design which can impact the world. He loves to help others discover what they are meant for.

Our eternal purpose is calling out to each and every one of us,” says Coach Pete. “If we align with that, it allows us to become fully alive, and make an amazing impact on the world.” 

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