Coaching for IT Leaders

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career Frustration

IT leaders are often frustrated that they’re not getting the career advancement that they deserve. In listening to their stories, I hear these common themes:

  • Not advancing/hit a ceiling

  • Feel left out of strategic decisions

    • CIO/CTO not as respected as the rest of the C-suite

  • Have a hard time selling ideas

  • Loneliness

  • Need for professional development / self-improvement

coaching Can help

So, I developed a coaching program that helps tech leaders better articulate the business case for technology, improve their communication skills so they can sell their ideas better, and improve their people skills to better influence decisions. The results are transformational as they accelerate their growth and discover potential they never knew they had.

Why Coach Pete?

I came from the tech world (22 years in software companies). Over and over I saw that the breakdown in leadership was rarely due to technical competency and hard skills. So I invested in training and became certified by the International Coach Federation. Since then I’ve helped over 100 clients reach or exceed their goals.



“Coach Pete took me through a completely different approach that was counter-intuitive. He listened without judging me, but he didn’t sugar-coat the truth. He told me what I needed to hear and patiently walked me through the process.

Working through this process was a big confidence-builder for me, and I’ve been recommending coaching to all my fiends who are looking for a change.”

- Jim Longo, IT Executive

“Pete is a passionate and insightful teacher, coach and mentor. He has helped me to develop greater clarity and confidence in leveraging my personal strengths and abilities in all aspects of my life.

Knowing how to strike a near perfect balance between the proverbial “pat on the back” and “swift kick in the pants” makes a one on one coaching session with Pete priceless. Just do it!”

              - Herb Schiller CEO Foremost Mfg. Co

"I’ve been working with Coach Pete to develop my emotional intelligence skills.

Senior managers have been impressed with my progress, noting the increased trust level with my colleagues and improved listening skills.

As a result, I’ve been able to grow my line of business even though the overall market is declining."

            - Mazi Younessian, Marketing Director, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics


Still not sure that coaching is for you?

Schedule a complimentary discovery call, bring me your toughest issue, and experience a partnership that’s all about you.