Get Back in the Game!

Online Workshop - launches June 20th, 2018

Are you stuck on the bench?

Are you stuck on the bench?

Do you Feel like you're stuck on the bench?

  • Have you been laid off?
  • Afraid you might be laid off?
  • Facing age discrimination?
  • Underemployed? 
  • Hate your current job?  

Then this workshop is for you

Hi I’m Pete Cafarchio, and I’m a certified coach.  I was stuck on the bench myself (more than once), so I can relate.  But I persevered, and found some powerful principles along the way.  Now I want to share those with you so you too can get off the bench and back into the game. 

This proven process will vastly improve your chances of landing your next position.  It works 86% of the time (versus 4% for traditional methods).

I’ll show you how to:

  • Identify your top transferrable skills.
  • Get in touch with your true desires (you know - the ones you had before you decided to settle for less).
  • Articulate exactly what you want in your dream job.
  • Stop the discouraging cycle of a traditional job search.
  • Clearly articulate your unique value so that employers must have you on their team.
  • Flip the whole job search process on its head - Instead of begging for a job, you’ll be in control, looking for a company that deserves you!

And you'll also:

  • Meet a supportive team of colleagues for mutual support, encouragement, brainstorming, and networking.
  • Neutralize the fears that suck the life out of you.
  • Set a compass that will guide your life for years, maybe decades, to come.


This is an online workshop of five, one-hour sessions with a live instructor and a team of peers that provide

  • Accountability to stay on track with assignments and map your progress.
  • Encouragement from people who can empathize with your position.
  • Brainstorming to help you consider new ideas.
  • An instant network of people who can help make those all-important introductions.

BONUS: You'll also get a one-hour individual coaching session with me to help get you unstuck, clarify your desires, and nail down your unique value proposition (value =$350)

Sessions will be held online,  Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30 PM EST starting June 20th, 2018. Login details will be provided after you register.  

If you have a scheduling conflict - no problem.  Each session will be recorded for playback at your own convenience.

Workshop outline

1. Positioning yourself and your personal value

Using multiple tools, exercises, and proven methodologies, members will be able to:

  • Clarify what you really want in all the aspects of your dream job.
  • Identify your transferrable skills.
  • Articulate your unique value & personal brand.

Armed with those powerful insights, we'll then get tactical and focus on part 2.

2.     Landing the job

You'll work alongside the rest of the group to develop your customized execution plan that incorporates:

  • The counter-intuitive, but highly effective job search method.
  • A systematic networking approach to find the companies who deserve you.
  • Interviewing and positioning tips.
  • Mutual help from your peers in finding introductions to hiring managers.


  • Book, What Color is Your Parachute
  • Personal Development assessment tools
  • Packaged exercises to clarify your life purpose
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What other are saying...

Pete is "the real deal," and I highly recommend him to you.  Coaching with him will go down as one of the best decisions you’ll make for your career. 

               - Carl Marrelli, Dir., Product Management

Recently I was at a major crossroads in my career, so I engaged Pete as an executive coach who was absolutely outstanding.  His ability to help me focus and get me through these major milestones was extremely valuable to my growth.  

               - Rob Field, Director of Global Information Technology, Head of IT

Pete is an excellent diagnostician and motivator towards career development. He has provided both a process and individualized counsel to make me more effective in driving my brand and repositioning myself. His holistic approach of using both group and individualized sessions proved very helpful to me. I heartily recommend his coaching to anyone looking for a career/ life gap up.

     - Arnim Holzer, Managing Director, ASH Strategy, LLC

Pete is a passionate and insightful teacher, life coach and mentor. Having participated in a destiny discovery small group I enthusiastically recommend both the course content and Pete as a gifted facilitator. He has helped me to develop greater clarity and confidence in leveraging my personal strengths and abilities in all aspects of my life. 

           - Herb Schiller, CEO, Foremost Mfg. Co



The cost for the total package (five, one-hour live online sessions, assessment tools, and a one-hour individual coaching session) is $497

If you're currently unemployed or have questions about pricing, contact Coach Pete to talk it out.

My Credentials

  • Certified Life Breakthrough Coach
  • Adept with DISC, StrengthsFinder, Motivational Gifts, 360, and RightPath assessments
  • Over 35 years of facilitating teams
  • Current COO and Certified Coach at WeAlign
  • Founded the Development office and served 8 years at Paxton Ministries.  CFRE status. 
  • 21 years in high tech start-ups holding multiple executive leadership roles
    • Forged partnerships with Dell, Yahoo, Salesforce, Aetna,, CA Technologies, ZoneLabs, and others.
  • Elder in 2 local churches 
  • Happily married for 30 years
  • My top five Clifton Strengths:            
                    Activator, Individualization, Futuristic, Connectedness, Strategic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Group size limited?
A: Yes.  In order to allow for good interaction and networking, groups will be maxed out at 15 people.  We'll have multiple groups if needed to accommodate all paying members.

Q: How many sessions are there?
A: There are five group sessions - one each week.  And we'll also schedule a customized, individual coaching session just for you

Q: Why should I pay to join this group?  Can't I just buy a career book and work through the exercises on my own?
A: Yes, you certainly can do that, but how’s that been working out for you so far?  It's probably time for you to try a different approach, and there is HUGE benefit in working with others, offering mutual support and network introductions.  Plus, there's accountability built in so that you'll actually DO the work.

Q: Even though this is reasonable price, I still can’t afford it – I’m unemployed right now.
A: Contact Pete for a possible “unemployment discount.”

Q: Is this a written course?
A: No.  This is an online workshop where everyone will be logged in to the sessions at the same time.  You can use your webcam to show your face if you want.  I'll be presenting the material with live video and slides.  During question and answer sessions you'll also be able to speak to the group and ask your questions.

Q: Is there an extra fee to get the software to join the sessions?
A: No.  After you register you'll receive a link that takes you right to the free online service and lets you join the workshop.  All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. 

Q: What if I can't make a session because of my schedule?
A: No problem.  Each session will be recorded and you can view the ones you miss later on your own.  That way you can keep up with the rest of the class

Q: I know someone who could really use this workshop.  How can I tell them about it?
A: Copy the URL for this page from your web browser, and send it to them in an email.  Or use the social media buttons below.

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